A Creative Response

Not since the last war
has the world faced such devastation
and I wonder, did we become
soft in our expectations
living in comfort
mostly, though not all of us
– But those others – we didn’t
have to look or see.

Now our slice of life
crumbles like stale cake
and the stuff we relentlessly
threw away has become
precious. And we feel
the hardship of our fears
as we try out social distancing
and self isolating solitude

The killer steals around unseen,
the murder weapon is in
our own hands. It has come to this
we must lock ourselves in
to stop spreading a disease
we don’t even know we have.
to protect ourselves and
all the people out there,
without discrimination.

The distant past echoes, with cries of
Bring out your dead!
And the numbers rise
alarmingly, daily.
The streets are becoming
a kind of quiet wasteland
that starts to press against
our locked doors

Yet, out of the gloom
the heroes are emerging.
Health workers, Volunteers,
Compassionate shopkeepers
of the old fashioned kind
Neighbours checking in,
online cheer leaders
and more.

In a world become greedy
for more of everything
is this our call to waken up ,
to see why the roses no
longer smell so sweet?
All is changed. Now we wait
for another kind of change
not knowing in what form
it will come. But always,
yes, always, we must hope

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