For Now

Turn off the light

lay down your head.
you have come
at last
to your place 
of rest.
As you drift away 
leave your stuff
at the end of 
your bed, 
for it is enough 
now, all is done,
and pain has gone.
So, both glad
and sad, and so 
much more
we wave you off
to a somewhat
distant shore
with stumbling 
hope we strain 
our eyes to see 
some kind of place
we all might be
once more


There’s me

who I am
what I feel
I am
And there’s you
who you are 
what you think
I am
There’s you
who you are
what you feel
you are
And there’s me
who I am
what I think
you are
There’s inside
and outside
and they’re seldom
the same


Deep sadness close to despair 

Can’t find a reason to be
Feels like I’m adrift 
alone on a darkening sea
Lights have gone out one by one
Then three at a time, leaving no-one 
anywhere near:
shadows gathered around the sun
There’s not even a breathe of wind
Only a dreadful lonely stillness, 
the kind that feels empty but not 
If I dig down a bit I can feel;
but it’s all too much.
Like diving to the bottom of the sea; 
and having to struggle back up 
just so I can breathe
At least I still 
want to breathe 
Maybe there is some trick in that
30 November 2019